Wednesday, August 20, 2008

At little more...

Going further on that "Do You Realize??" business I posted earlier, my friend Bash pointed me to an NPR segment with the Flaming Lips' lead singer, Wayne Coyne, discussing his views on life, and if you listen to the audio, it ends with part of "Do You Realize??" playing. In short, I'm a genius.


Elrod said...

Did you hear the NPR segment that's just 10 unedited minutes of you crying because Neiman Marcus didn't carry a blouse that matched your petal skirt?

A dark day in public radio.

Go ahead and make fun of me for knowing about petal skirts. Did I just take the wind out of your sail, sailor?

Bash said...

You should edit down that piece you wrote for the segment. It might be a quick easy way to get published and be heard. Or just write another.

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