Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 12

So, this is the 12th day I've eagerly checked the status of the three stories I submitted to Glimmer Train to find all three "In Process" which, according to their definition, means they've received it. Does that mean they've read each story and are considering their individual magnificence? or does "In Process" mean they're simply adding it to the pile of other shit they're going to eventually read? Too late, I discovered that the two founding sisters are the only submission readers, and I wondered and still do if all three stories are too gender saturated. I can easily see how some of what I write may be perceived as sexist. They're not. Chauvinistic, yes, but sexist no. I would have submitted it to them anyway.
I chose Glimmer Train because they accept simultaneous submissions, don't charge a reading fee (if you're not entering a contest), and pay around 700 bucks for each story.

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