Saturday, August 30, 2008

Love To Campbell

Dear Campbell Brown,

ve decided to obsess over you as a writing exercise. I hope you don’t mind. Since this is our first correspondence, I’ll ask, do you remember when our eyes first met? I do. It was during the Democratic primaries on February 21st of this year, and you were moderating a CNN debate between Barack Obama and Hillary “Second Place” Clinton here in Austin, Texas. I was nesting among my bedful of unfolded laundry, still warm from the dryer, and shoveling spoonfuls of Ben & Jerry’s “Chunky Monkey” into my mouth, when you entered my life. Perhaps it is because you were actually in my city that my mind was so full of questions about you. You were here, only a few short miles from my TV set, but after seeing you for the first time, I found the simple act of thought difficult and decided that driving to the University of Texas under such debilitating conditions might prove a hazard. Instead, I straightened my posture and observed your in-depth questions and physical radiance. Your eyes, your smile, your thick brown hair, and your long, long neck, quite literally stunned me. I initially misinterpreted my immediate paralysis as some kind of iced-cream induced brain freeze, but I’ve since experienced subsequent...rapture during and following your “CNN’s Election Center” program and various television appearances, and I now realize that it is an almost spiritual manifestation of love. I love you, Campbell. Campbell, I love you.



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