Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Room For Brains.

I realized today that I’m actually grateful for still having a part-time job. People everywhere are being laid off. Every day I read headlines like “Corporate Dick and Balls are reportedly cutting 5, 7, 10, 30,000 jobs this week,” and though I’m squeaking by, I feel damn lucky to still be receiving a modest paycheck every other week. But these poor tens of thousands who are lopped from their benefits, retirement, and way of life are doing exactly what I do part time: job search. And in response to the constant emailing of résumés, filling of applications, informal visits, and desperate phone calls asking, “Are you hiring?”, Roger accurately described the heavy tone of America by saying, “It’s scary out there.”
And scary it is. From my end, I wonder how long parents will have the money to keep enrolling their babies at Austin Community College. How long will they still need my help with English composition and literature? Understanding and writing about how Hemingway used setting to express abortion in “Hills Like White Elephants” seems trivial these days, but that’s what I do.
As far as I know, ACC’s not cutting jobs, but if they do, it’s a life of crime for me ‘cause I ain’t waitin’ in no bread lines. I’m an educated man for Cristo’s sake, a lover of words, knowledge, and ladies. Surely there’s a practical and safe niche for such qualifications. I’m a right or what? Hello?


Bash said...

On Roger's note:

Chindiana said...

how bout Famous Blogger? you just need a good gimmick like those WWE wrestlers.

C. Andres Alderete said...

The only problem I have with famous blogger is that I feel it's synonymous with "famous hack." I'll take it though.

Stacey said...

I have some brilliant ideas: if you get enough visitors to your blog, you can start selling ads on here, or get free stuff off craigslist or off the streets and sell it on ebay.

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