Friday, January 2, 2009


I would like to take a moment to point out to the three of you who read this blog regularly that Roger does not read shitty books as I so callously declared in a blog dated 12/26/08. He is a literary Tyrannosaur who eats through about three times as many books as I do and then rereads them before I’ve finished one. If one gauges the quality of books he reads, there certainly will be shit in there but that is only increased by the sheer volume he consumes. On top of that, he does not bitch at me like a pouty girlfriend for never reading his suggestions, and he certainly did not send me an angry email about my day after Christmas blog reading, “You know what...fuck you for saying I read shitty books. A recommendation will never come from me again.”
This fine specimen of man can light a match off his square-cut jaw, and I admit, in a hand squeezing competition, I am humbled by the power of his grip. I also know for a fact that he carries Magnum XL rubbers, and I once saw him lift a Toyota off a litter of puppies.

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