Friday, February 13, 2009


Whenever I post something on here, it's usually viewed as it is on the first page, and then forgotten into my archives, usually. My Dejeuner du matin vs. Breakfast posting is the sole exception. That one has been linked to by so many people from around the world (Germany is a big one for some reason), that it’s one of the first four listings on Google when the phrase "Dejeuner du matin translation" is searched. I take a small pride in that, but my little pride quickly turns to self deprecation for standing on the shoulders of geniuses and analyzing their enduring literature instead of effectively producing my own (even "standing on the shoulders of geniuses" is lifted from Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park *sob*). But taking elements from many and assembling them into my own monster is a crafty thing called innovation, right? Regardless, I intend on digging around some old school notes I have, both French and English, and posting my conclusions, so I'll enjoy the same small celebration I experienced when I received the following message earlier this week:

Subject: I'm using your translation for French class...

"...just to let you know. I had to have two English translations of an original French bit--poem or prose paragraph--and I settled on "Dejeuner du Matin" by Prevert. I'm using the Ferlinghetti for the other. I credited you, so your name will be spoken about tomorrow in my graduate translation workshop. I don't even know who you are! I think these "internets" are really going to catch on! Thank you!

--Emily in Arkansas"

Thank you, Emily in Arkansas.

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