Friday, March 13, 2009

Octahedral Strong

I got a new job, people. Jesus Herbert Walker Christ, finally! I won’t say where because I’ve learned from one in my congregational flock, Chris (I’m a legal minister, also due to Chris), that blogging can have you potentially choking on both your feet. I’ll be doing a lot of sitting, though, and I can only wear jeans on “Casual Friday,” a day in which I’m loosely interpreting as “Western Friday” and will be arriving to work dressed as William Holden in The Wild Bunch.

It’s been a long, dark tunnel, folks, and in such darkness, I’ve felt for walls that weren’t there and called out but never heard even my own voice echoing back. For too long, I’ve awoken in the night and stayed awake after remembering one of my many monetary defaults. For too long, I’ve avoided strange phone numbers on my cell phone, and for too long, I’ve feared the orange glow of the “check engine,” “ABS,” and gas icon of my car’s dashboard. Money, what a terrible concept. It’s my only excessive deficiency, the only persistent difficulty in my life. But in spite of the ages of continuous apprehension, I’ve not gone gray and there’re no new wrinkles on my face. “My head is bloody, but unbowed” as perfectly captured in “Invictus,” and when the sum of all my parts are bonded together and held to the sun, I prism my reality as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet and one may see that I am unbreakable and truly a happy person.


Sharon said...

1) Beautifully written.

2) Congratulations on your new job!

3) He works at Hooter's.

C. Andres Alderete said...

It's Hooter's.

Stacey said...


Chindiana said...

That's great news man. Congratulations and best of luck moving forward!

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