Monday, April 20, 2009

Tear It Down

All job loss aside, I'm glad so many behemoth  corporations are crumbling. The very nature of capitalism is to compete, but Americans have cut enough competitor throats and then jumped in bed with the rest that the little guy, better known as me, is being held down and crapped on with only the illusion of competitive services. It's wonderful and unfortunate that our pluralist society allows the banding of interest groups to lobby politicians for change. The system's great for actual groups like the NAACP, NRA, or even the Creationist Ass-Clowns of America (CACA), but when these monster corporations pull money from seemingly bottomless pockets, how can anyone but the biggest and baddest make policy? Up until the end of Bush's final term, these corporate dictators seemed unstoppable, but with the dawning of Obama Christ, things may one day change. The Republicans cry socialism and intrusive government whenever they hear the pleasing baritones of our Lord's sweet jive, but people are people, people, and if we're left to our own devices, we break shit.
So, bring 'em down. Shop "Mom and Pop." Shop local. Chop off the heads of the biggest serpents and allow a few budding monsters to offer a little competitive variety. That's quite the opposite of socialism if you ask me. You might save a dollar at the super Walmart, but eventually, Walmart's going to be the only place you can buy the palm tree oil or the Malaysian coffee table that was once the favorite arbor of the almost extinct orangutan species there.
I can go on for hours, folks.

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