Sunday, June 14, 2009

Austin, a Sunday Pictorial

I'm sick of spending Sundays, my only day off, staring existentially at my ceiling. So, I've decided to spend it with my blog in mind. By snapping pictures of my favorite Austin things, I'll be forcing myself into a new hobby and showing you, dear reader, the coolest city in Texas.

Austin boasts the world's largest urban bat colony, and in the summer, you can watch 1.5 million-ish of the little beasts fly out from under Congress Avenue Bridge and consume what would otherwise be a hellish mosquito population. They're Mexican free-tails, and they migrate south o' the border for winter.
This is Congress Avenue Bridge (aka Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge). The original picture is much clearer than this, but I typically destroy pleasant things, and this is no exception. Besides, I didn't want give the capitol building away yet. I'm a jealous resident.


bananasinjapan said...

*sigh* I miss it so much! there are bats here in japan too but they've got nothing on texas bats!

Chris said...

Love the photography . . . Austin, though? Isn't that like, Dallas's red-headed stepbrother?

Sharon Reynolds said...

Wait a minute. You were giving me crap about being in "your" neck of the woods, and then here you are spending the rest of your Sunday afternoon two blocks from where I sit?



Sharon Reynolds said...

Secondly, I like to see you picking up photography! Nice pictures!

What kind of camera you usin', Hotshot?

Awesome Sara said...

I live in FL. we have gators and ducks. I have always wanted to live in texas. i like big hats. great photos by the way!! bitch u can write, u can take pics, what the fuck spread some talent over to me!

f8hasit said...

I'll trade you some midges for your bats.

(oh, and I dig the grainy photograph. It's very cool, almost like it SHOULD be like that. Very nice)


Chrissy said...

Bats? Oh geez, no thanks. I'll stick to my annoying neighborhood ice cream truck.

Looking forward to more pics.

C. Andres Alderete said...

Anna, I am now fascinated with the idea of Japanese bats. I've never thought of them before.

Chris, Dallas is for sister-screwing hicks. Austin is an island in Texas.

Sharon, I'll fight you. The camera is a trade secret.

I love when you call me bitch, Sara. Also, I've always wanted to live in FL because I like Cubans.

I don't know what midges are, Nancy, but they sound bird-like, and since birds die in my care, no trade.
Thanks for the compliment. I like the grainy one too, but from afar.

Chrissy, I swear I stole your idea subconsciously. The ice cream truck reminded me and I swooned with the sin of unoriginality. It does get me out of the house though.

carma said...

I still suffer from "bat in the hair paranoia" which was ingrained in me during my childhood summers at the bungalow - makes for an intriguing picture though. For second I thought they were some type of fake mirror bats, which are a lot safer.

C. Andres Alderete said...

Carma, I once prodded a downed bat with a stick and it hissed and frightened the pooh out of me. I understand your hair concerns.

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