Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Because I'm Vain, a quickie

I shaved my beard for my sister's wedding and have decided to share the gorgeous results with you.


Awesome Sara said...

you're right handsome.

Sharon Reynolds said...

Every time I hear about that beard being shaved, I go into a quiet state of mourning.

Let me know when it's back...***whispers***let me know when it's back

Chris said...

Nice job, two-face.

Chrissy said...

You should have left it like the first picture.

Comedy Goddess said...

It makes you look ten years younger. Oh wait. You might not like that. Not until you are in your late forties. Then you'll love hearing stuff like that.

C. Andres Alderete said...

Awesome, I'll take it!

Sharon, it's back.

It's really more of a split personality, Chris, but two face-face is also acceptable.

Chrissy, although I shaved the remainder of my beard, the rest of my body is still half shaved.

Ms. Goddess, I'm actually experiencing an emotional crisis right now for being only months from age 30. So, I'll take the ten years.

Chindiana said...

Whoa, nice 'makeover' dude!

Sharon Reynolds said...

Crimpkins, you still have over half a year until you are 30. Also, I think being in your 30s will really suit you.

A Younger Woman

carma said...

very smoldering ;-) *Not meant to make me sound like some creepy cougar*

Awesome Sara said...

what the hell job do you have that makes u work 60hours?? i just started my life since i'm in my way early 20s and dude i need me a sugar daddy. fuck this be an adult job. yea i have a degree and where has it gotten me?? fucking customer service. i swear i'm going to be an alcoholic with all the faux smiling.

C. Andres Alderete said...

Thank you, Chindiana. The right side of my face is my best feature.

For your information, Sharon, I'll be 30 in less than 6 months, if you don't count June.

Carma, cougars can't be cougars without being hot, so enjoy the stereotype.

Awesome, see your blog for my reply.

Awesome Sara said...

OK, i saw ur reply. Dang. you're going to be 30??? wow! that sounds so old. i know i'm a jerk. I work for my mom at a jewerly store and at a giant electronic store answering the phone. I will hopefully soon be working at a bank, and kiss my mommy goodbye bc bitch is crazy and start volunteering at my local courthouse bc i set some lacross equitment on fire. hence the therapy.

geez, parents make things worse. They blow eerything out of porportion. yes, I stole the lacross equitment. i didn't mean to set it on fire. I'm not really even sure how it became aflame? i was practicing my telepathic killing technique. at least thats the only explaination i could really give. at least i was trying to put out the fire but i was slightly intoxied and how the hell am i suppose to know that mojitos are flammible.

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