Friday, September 18, 2009

This is why I'm not published yet.

I was working in the lab late one when my eyes beheld an eerie sight, for my monster from its slab began to rise, and suddenly, to my surprise...he did the mash! True story, except I was sitting cross-legged in bed, and there wasn’t really a monster. It was a dirty pair of underwear on my bedroom floor. They didn’t dance either. They just laid there and watched me muzzle my face into a bag of tortilla chips while the History Channel educated me on the Second Punic War.


Chrissy said...

So you're telling us you're not published yet?

I saw that Oprah chose her new book club book today and I was sure it was going to have your name on it.

Ron said...

OMG...that is so funny!

And listen, just from that one paragraph you wrote, you're going to get published soon. I can feel it!

Enjoy your weekend!

And tortilla chips!

f8hasit said...

He did the mash?
The monster did the mash? The monster mash?

Chris@Maugeritaville said...

There's definitely a book idea in there someplace.

Chindiana said...

I'd prefer a story of an underwear that only danced while you muzzled your face in a bag of tortilla chips.

btw, I finally got on the Honest Scrap Awards list!

C. Andres Alderete said...

Chrissy, whenever I do publish a book, Oprah will need a restraining order against me.

Thanks, Ron. I'm trying to amp up my efforts, but my lazy affliction is a constant problem.

Nancy, he did the Monster Mash.

If only I could harness my one-liners into book form, Chris, I'd be a winner.

Chindiana, my underwear only taps its foot in tempo while I pig out.

Julie Buz. said...

Hahaha... I looooove this. I wish I'd thought of it. (I guess I'd need to have some underwear on my spotless floor first.) :o) I'm looking forward to more!

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