Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Austin, a Pictorial

Three things in this pictorial: the 360 Bridge, sagebrush, and cedar trees.
This is the 360 (Pennybacker) Bridge, shown from a favorite vantage point that most Austinites have seen overly reproduced on murals, photo galleries, and genius blogs. I’ve affectionately dubbed it (the vantage point), “Hold My Cowboy Hat So I Can Drink Sixteen Cans Of High Life And Fall To My Death Peak” since I’m not aware of any official title for it. Notice the spotted homes among the green hills in the distance? That’s Westlake, where rich people live. I try to avoid going there because local lore has it that most of them belong to a sodomist sect, founded by none other than Texas’ own Stephen F. Austin. I made that last part up. But, they are rich.
From the same perspective, this is our lovely, drought-resistant sagebrush. It’s wild and native and fragrant, and it’s a pleasant opposite to the also native rattle snakes and cacti with which most of us are more concerned. It's purple. Just trust me. If you follow the Colorado River, it’ll cut through downtown Austin. True story. See the buildings?
I like this picture because it captures these gnarly cedar trees, sagebrush, and that orange monster in one frame. Cedar trees as well as high humidity, molds, and pollen combine year-round to make Austin a kind of allergic nightmare for people who first arrive. I couldn’t breathe out of my nose for the first 15 years of living here, but my manliness overcame and now I eat a bowl of cedar chips with pollen sprinkles every morning. Notice the tree roots breaking the limestone? That’s called mechanical weathering, kids.


linda o said...

Lovely pictures. When I first spotted a Westlake house with an attached parking space for their boat it blew my mind. Those bitches.

Isabella said...

I really like the last photo. Interesting angle. Nature and man living side by side.
Wonder who will win.

Do people really fall of that bridge regularly? What is it about bridges?

Thanks for sharing,

carma said...

Very nice glimpse of Austin. I've never been there - I like the contrast of the trees, rocks, and rusted metal.

C. Andres Alderete said...

Update, folks: you can click on the images now to enlarge 'em. Oh, and Isabella, it's the cliff I'm standing on that fools have fallen off of, not the bridge. I guess I should have clarified.

Linda and Carma, high five for your compliments.

Harlem's A Hatin said...

Damn these pictures rock! So amazing!

Chrissy said...

I was thinking, How does he think I can see houses in the distance? And then I clicked to enlarge. I see...

Very nice pics.

DreamChaser1998 said...

I miss Texas sooo much! We lived in Midland/Odessa for 3 years and I used to play a game in my head when we drove between "Mid-essa" and Wichita Falls where my parents live: didn't want to hit the tumbleweeds rolling across the road because I thought they were alive and I didn't want to hurt them. Driving for hours and hours on straight, flat roads in west gotta do what you can to make it entertaining! Thanks for the pictures! As always, I love being "taken back home" in your posts! :)

Awesome Sara said...

u would never think ppl would fall off bridges on a regular basis... cliffs, buildings, those i understand. although the trees are really pretty maybe they fall off to taste the trees? food for thought?

C. Andres Alderete said...

Thanks, Harlem.

Chrissy, you couldn't see them before but I worked my magic, so yeah.

Janie, you mean tumbleweeds aren't alive? I've been living a lie.

Sara, the trees look tasty but they'll give you swine flu.

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