Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Dead

Geez, wait three weeks to write a blog and you lose two followers. I was cramming for the LSAT (an uncrammable test) the first week and then brooding over my performance the second. I’m glad it’s over. I’ve been rescheduling it for a year and would have rescheduled it this time, but I missed the deadline to do so, hence, the mad scramble for preparation. The week before was a nervous hell, and my plan was to write a cathartic blog about the experience and have a solid night’s sleep after, but I was informed that my legs would be broken and my score nullified if I talked about LSAT content, so I’ll just have to find an abandoned warehouse somewhere and dance my frustrations away (see Footloose).
So listen, folks. The fall semester has ended, and I won’t be tutoring the next five weeks. I’ll have the semblance of a normal life and will be focusing on my various literary projects and less on blogging or blog reading. So don’t “unfollow” me or I’ll find out where you live and kidnap your pets for my voodoo.
I’ll be in touch.


Kick Ass Poetry said...

Lsat? Are you going to law school?

Bash said...

Hope it went well. That test is the equivalent to needles in the eyeballs.

sas said...

oh yeah i totally get how shite study can be for sucking away serious blogging time :)

Chrissy said...

LSAT? You won't need law school when all your books are published and made into movies.

I'll give you 6 weeks and then you're cut off.

Heather said...

Well glad you stopped in just long enough to let us know your still around, sorta. I know tests can suck a persons life force right out of them.

Have a good break.

Sharon Reynolds said...

I've been trying to unfollow you for weeks. Can you write another blog saying how to unfollow someone?


Not really. <3!

f8hasit said...

Thanks for letting me know it wasn't personal.
I was getting a complex.


carma said...

As luck would have it, I do not have any pets!! You are taking the bull by the horns, I see and taking the LSAT's -- that came right out of left field unless I have been missing something, which is possible. I'm impressed and thrilled that you are taking some action steps! Stick with it. You've got the brains and the proper lawyerly snark...

Jason said...

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Happy Holidays!


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