Friday, January 22, 2010

An Organic Rant sans logic

I've been reading The Family: the Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power by Jeff Sharlet, and in doing so, I've realized a terrible, terrible truth: me an' my kind (that's you) are all pillars for a greater scheme that has tricked us into both complacency and outrage. Let me explain. Reality TV, social networks (blogs included (unfortunately)), and sensational media = dull-eyed lethargy. We're drugged by alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and fast food. We're seduced by product, product, product. Buy, buy, buy. And we do. All the while, makers of these poisons, be they moral or chemical, swim in the profits of our victimization, which leads me to my next point of trickery: outrage. Some of us awaken to this molestation of wellness and snarl and spit at it via angry blogs or just general bitching. Some of us write what many would consider paranoid or subversive or radical literature through the very means of distribution we are picketing. Others are more practical and organize juggernaut groups that become the interested process which initially turned angry chins. Some become hippies. These are, of course, my own conclusions, my own experiences which I am applying to what Sharlet published. The Family, according to Sharlet, is a vast network of very influential Jesus enthusiasts who think that said deity is a capitalist who loves most and works through His most successful vessels to establish a theocratic new world order of total Christian control. In doing this, these lawmakers, CEOs, and foreign dignitaries can iron out any wrinkle of society in any way they see fit. Think national socialism (aka, Nazis). I know the rule of losing the argument at first comparison to Nazis, but fascism is a clear influence for the Family, and their leader, Doug Coe (Jesus' main man), has used Nazi Germany as not a moral model, but an example of achieved totalitarianism. Anyway, my outrage is a farce best represented when applying the information from this post to a little number I wrote on what I call "social capitalism" a few months back. There I was celebrating my social innovation* by suggesting that the prosperity of a few could do wonderful things for us, the huddled masses, and all I've done is fall in line with the Family's ideology that the elite should govern over all the rest. The only thing I didn't touch on is that Jesus wants it that way. Folks, the implications are huge! Am I the perfect citizen for a world being controlled by a powerful...cult, for lack of a better word? How did I come to be an advocate for covert religious force? How was I programed without realizing it? Was it through the conditioning of my parents? My grandparents? Maybe I'm just not appreciating that modern times have granted us the luxury of over-thinking, of paranoia. Or maybe I am appreciating the opportunity afforded to me by simply stepping back, looking at my place in society and realizing, "What the fuck?!" I don't know.
I'm only halfway through Sharlet's book. If it's worth having an opinion by the end, perhaps I'll bring it up again.

*In rereading my social capitalism post, I was pleased to see the irony of my mention of "the Fuhrer." The pieces are there. Shaping them into a greater picture is the challenge, and it takes time.


Pearl said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you. Now how the hell do we wake up?


f8hasit said...

Modern America.

Don't even get me started.
Enjoy the read. I'll be interested to hear you critic of it when finished.

Heather said...

Sounds like a book with big words, if only I knew those big words, I might enjoy the book.

Happy reading!

Megan said...

I'm scared to read it now.

C. Andres Alderete said...

There's no waking up, Pearl. There's no waking up.

It may be a while, Nancy. I just picked up a third book to read simultaneously. It's a sickness.

It's actually a pretty simple read, Heather, but thanks for the happy reading wishes.

Megan, the most surprising part so far is how strongly some of these budding (and bloomed) leaders feel about this "muscular Jesus." So yeah, it's pretty freaky.

Bash said...

Let me know when you purchase a gun... I want to be near a TV.

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