Thursday, April 22, 2010

Comic Book Hiatus and Maus

Dear, people. I’m still alive, but my hiatus has left me neglecting your blogs and comments more than usual. I apologize. I’ve put aside most of my amazing comics illustrations in place of my amazing story development. It’s a lot more fun than I expected. Though, I don’t know why. Writing has always been buckets o’ fun, and in the same way, drawing has always been buckets o’ fun. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to realize that putting the two together is like a bathtub o’ fun (moonshine and naked women). I think in childlike pictures, folks, where Bomb Pops are red, white, and blue erections and Nickelodeon slime is the syphilic discharge of God-smited vaginas (see it?). It’s only natural that I now smith the imaginative prose in my head to the adorable images that are already occupying the same space anyway. It’s a marriage of filth to filth, and with a muck smeared grin, I’m rolling in it, happier than your proverbial “pig in shit.”
Speaking of pigs, I’ve reacquainted myself with an amazing work of literature called Maus. It’s a graphic novel (aka comic book) by Art Spiegelman, but before I lose your attention, understand that it’s a memoir about the Holocaust, I read it in a literary theory class, it won the Pulitzer Prize in 1992, and it’ll make you cry. It’s a big deal. The Jews are represented as mice, the Germans are cats, Americans are dogs, and for reasons you’ll understand if you read the book (or if you already know history), the non-Jew Poles are pigs. So yeah, my comic book’s not like that.

Wow, this is a really passively written post. I’m ashamed.


Dreamfarm Girl said...

good thing you haven't stopped by my blog lately. i've been hopelessly cheerful and pollyannish. anna-ish? well i know i should read the graphic novel and it makes total sense that americans are dogs, but i will probably just take your word for it. i do like your drawing there.

f8hasit said...

Your choice of literature never ceases to amaze and impress me. Or not. I can't decide which.

Chindiana said...

I've read Maus and let it out so often that both the books are now barely hanging on to the glue and binding.

You checked out Faxes From Sarejevo? You won't cry but still a good read.

Cool art piece. Could I have an autographed copy before you get famous?

Heather said...

Well...glad you could come up for air and visit with us for awhile.

I would take your advice and read the book, but I get soo angry just thinking of the Holocaust. Very sad time in world history.

carma said...

Since I'm at a loss as to what to add to this fine conversation, I'll just say that my son loves the Bone series of Graphic novels - would probably be right up your alley if you haven't already read them

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