Sunday, June 6, 2010

Feature films need money too

Dear friends and stalkers,

My people at Pepper Island Films are in the passionate throes of feature filmmaking, and as an immovable supporter of the production company, I’d like you, dear reader, to know about it.

The Man from Orlando is a film that pits an absurd faction known as the Lifeguards against an equally absurd gang of volunteer firefighters. Orlando, an ex-lifeguard who has escaped a world of lazy rivers and wave pools, holds the key to the Lifeguards’ relentless harassment in his mysterious red fanny pack; he has chosen a path of betterment but when the Lifeguards threaten his love interest, Orlando’s scandalous lifeguarding past can no longer be ignored. Can Orlando avoid aligning himself with the Firefighters in order to stop the Lifeguards? Or will he succumb to a life of affiliation that he’s so desperately tried to leave behind him?

The feature follows Pepper Island Films’ internationally screened “Petting Sharks,” a short that opened and was awarded 2010 SXSW Jury Award here in Austin. The brain at the helm of The Man from Orlando is writer/director Craig Elrod, moving picture savant and, as of one score and two years ago, a friend.

Now that all this pesky exposition has been mechanically digested and massaged down your precious gullets, we (not “I” or “you,” we) can roll back our sleeves and help Pepper Island Films give birth to this farcical baby. For a measly ten bucks (my personal contribution), you can have your vanity powdered with a gracious nod in the film’s credits. Had I known a single ten-dollar bill would buy my name’s visibility to people across the United States and now overseas, I’d have laid down a twenty two shorts ago. For those of you with signifiers not as beautiful as mine, use the name of your company as a handsome surrogate or let someone else in on the plan. We all know movie buffs, and most of us know a business owner or two who is constantly on the lookout for new avenues of publicity. This is a good one.

Second-to-lastly, keep your schedule open on July 16th for a Pepper Island Films fundraising event at Salvage Vanguard Theater. As you know, anything that happens at SVT drips with hip. It is, in fact, the only place on Earth I’ve ever been sauced enough to not only dance, but to boogie my hound’s tooth socks off. True story.

And lastly, for more info on contributing to Pepper Island Films and to read about The Man from Orlando straight from the beast’s mouth, visit


Chrissy said...

What's the address of the Salvage Vanguard Theater so I can put it in my Garmin? If I leave now, I'll be there on time.

Heather said...

That is really cool to be able to support a film. Have fun at the SVT!

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