Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This is the coolest thing since the time I met Martin Sheen at McDonald's

So, I had an interesting email exchange with my best friend Danny Rubin the other day when—who’s Danny Rubin? Oh, he’s just the screenwriter for the modern classic Groundhog Day. You see, I was recently listening to the special features of my Groundhog Day DVD (I usually listen to special features while I’m choring around or otherwise dividing my attention) when I heard Rubin talking about the original draft for the movie, the one before Director Harold Ramis inserted his dirty ghostbusting fingers and stirred his two cents into a writer’s credit. The original was described as something that transcends a tired storytelling formula to become literary. I wanted to read it.

Now don’t get me wrong. I bought and have enjoyed Groundhog Day for twenty years, but the movie is just that: a movie. As I understand the themes of what both Rubin and Ramis were describing on the DVD, I’m not even sure it would fly as a family story. It sounds existential and very lonely. I love those things, so I emailed Danny Rubin and asked if and where I could get my hands on a copy of the original. I was quite certain it was an unpublished work and was silently hoping (if he wrote back at all) that he’d email me a PDF or something. And guess what? WRONG! I didn’t get a copy of the script, but Rubin did write me back. As it turns out, other geeks have been just as interested in the first draft, so much so that “I started making notes to accompany it, sort of explaining why some things changed and which things I had to fight to keep. In the end it became a kind of interesting document about script development that got a publisher’s attention.”

In short, I missed my window of getting an exclusively annotated copy because understandably, he couldn’t send out something that’s going to be published. D’oh! Either way, I’ve just added a warmer degree of Kevin Bacon to Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, which makes me a winner.


f8hasit said...

Am I now famous or something for the six degrees of separation since I know you and you are now best friends with Rubin?

Martin Sheen at MickyD's? What did he order? So you have a dropped french fry in a vial someplace?

BTW....Boo looked over my shoulder as I was reading this and saw the pic you drew. She thinks you are talented. I tried to convince her otherwise, bu she won't have any of it.

Lora said...

tell Danny I said thank you for writing Erie, PA into the script. It's nice to hear your hometown mentioned in the movies every now and then.

JennAventures said...

I think your little visual with the heart shaped swooning eyes ruined my "cynic" perception of you. I love it.

C. Andres Alderete said...

Nancy, I met Sheen outside a McDonald's when I was 16. I worked there. It was tragic.
I guess I'll have to clean up my blog if children are peeking over parents' shoulders. Never thought of that. Tell her I'm high-fiving her compliment.

Lora, next time me and Danny meet to go over his next project, I'll try and remember to mention it.

Thank you, Jenn. Please tell me that you at LEAST still think me a bastard.

Julie Buz. said...

WOW! I guess this is the perfect example of how the things you expect to be difficult often turn out to be easy (i.e. writing that e-mail and getting a response), while the things you expect to be easy turn out to be difficult (i.e. getting hold of the script).

A surprisingly positive post from you, Carlito. ;o) (Go ahead and call me something intimidating in return for that.)

JennAventures said...

I think all men are bastards. Rest easy.

C. Andres Alderete said...

Hmmm, something intimidating...I got nuthin', Julie, but if you could see my stare right now, you'd be shaking in your booties.

Jenn, *relieved sigh

Heather said...

Great drawing!
Sorry you missed out on the script.

carma said...

you are incredibly cool. BTW, did I ever mention the time I bumped into Andie McDowell at a boutique in downtown Asheville uh-huh *snaps fingers and bobs head* My husband got her autograph. I absolutely loved that movie. It's a classic.

Sadako said...

Whoa. You know the writer of Groundhog Day? NICE!

C. Andres Alderete said...

Thanks, Heather. Just having a brief exchange with the writer beat out the disappointment at not getting a hold of the script.

See these degrees, Carma? You've just blown my mind.

We're practically brothers, Sadako.

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