Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Bend 5 of 6

Day 5
It never rained and I spent the sauna night peeling my unclean and sweaty body from the foam bedroll I’ve learned is a hitchhiking luxury I could never live without. I was still worn out by the time the sun came up and my body not only ached with weariness, but I was mentally fatigued as well. I needed a day to rest, but I didn’t have one. Scott had offered to take me back to I-10 the following morning and I had accepted. Judging by the park’s few campers and my little stint in Fort Stockton, I recognized my stranded predicament and appreciated the luck in meeting Scott. So I scrubbed my skin with a wet handkerchief, cleaned and duct-taped my new and old blisters, and set off on the Laguna Meadows Trail to the Colima Trail to the Boot Canyon Trail and down the Pinnacles Trail for 9.5 miles of Big Bend goodness.

This was probably my favorite ramble. It pretty much covered the terrain of the Chisos Basin and it was the only place that I felt completely separated from other people. The trail cut through sandy desert, cool mountain forest, rolling hills, and steep canyons.

I also saw a lot of wildlife:

Oh yeah. That's a tarantula
Vinegaroon, aka Whip Scorpion
Desert Cottontail Wabbit (click for a closer look)

To fulfill some childish need, I spent some time whistling into this canyon.

The echo was gratifying for really no reason at all and it upset pockets of Mexican jays who squawked back from seemingly every direction but it was pleasant. When was the last time you stopped and listened to an echo? It had been a long time for me.

One more day, folks.


Julie Buz. said...


JennAventures said...

I hate spiders.

f8hasit said...

I love the photos! It looks to be fantastic! Except for the taratula. And the scorpion. me scratching.

Heather said...

I had to look up a whip scorpion, if I had come across something like that I would have been gone!! The tarantula would have done it too!

Dreamfarm Girl said...

Gorgeous photos. I didn't realize it would be so pretty in August. I've only been to Big Bend in the spring (when it was also gorgeous) and to Ft Davis Mtns in November. Much cooler then than now I imagine.

sjayk said...

amazing! thanks for sharing.

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