Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Test run for when I abandon society

Folks, I’m taking a holiday. There are exactly nine days between responsibilities, and if I don’t take advantage of them, the tempest in my mind will swirl to disaster.

This trip is fraught with danger, but since I’m a moderate recluse, my every outing tends to be extreme but memorable. So Thursday at noon sharp, I’m leaving behind all electronics,* no phones, no timepieces, no Facebook, no blog, no goddamned cable news, and I’m hitchhiking to Big Bend National Park.

I love nature and I love quiet and I’ve always enjoyed a strange exhilaration in distance hitchhiking. Can’t quite explain it. I’ll also attempt primitive camping in the Chisos Mountains and possibly at the Rio Grande. We shall see. Aside from stinging insects, thorny plants, venomous reptiles, bears, mountain lions, and racist drivers, I’ll also enjoy a few triple digit days in the west Texas desert. I’m most concerned about that. The sun can kill your ass before you hit the ground. But all things considered, I’m really looking forward to it.

Sooo, if you don’t hear from me again, it’s because I’ve experienced death by one of the above mentioned antagonists and it’s been a pleasure knowing you.**

*camera excluded
**I'll be fine


Anonymous said...

There was a time when you could get a camera that wasn't electronic. Oh who am I kidding, no there wasn't. Have fun and don't die, the gang needs you for avocados.

Anonymous said...

Above anonymous = Todd Parker

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, please be careful! That sun has been brutal this year!
*Lecture over*
Have fun and get lots of pictures!

Chindiana said...

Great move Carlos, looking forward to your survival as I bet the ensuing posts will be a wild (pun) read!

Am sure the wild life will be entertained by your alligator cynicism!

Have a good trip man!

HeatherLynn said...

Were you into this hitchhiking business always? My friend from Oklahoma was traveling across Texas awhile back, picked up a hitchhiker to held him at gunpoint, stole his wallet, his boots and his truck...leaving him on the side of the road....or so he thought...instead, as the truck pulled away, my friend in the cover of darkness, hopped into the bed of the truck, climbed BACK in the cab of the truck, attacked the hitchhiker, causing a pretty decent crash and roll into a ditch....to which my friend was knocked unconscious, and the hitchhiker walked off....

so, Mr. Handsome Hitchhiking guy from Texas....any of this sound familiar hmmmmm...*nudges you*....no? ;)

Seriously though, have fun, be careful.....wear sunblock. I'm a redhead, we never leave home without the sunblock!


referred by JennAventures....

Anonymous said...

Don't die Carlitos and have a safe trip.

Sharon Reynolds said...

Carlos, you and I are so freakin' similar, yet so freakin' different.

C. Andres Alderete said...

HeatherLynn, yeah I remember that.

f8hasit said...

After watching too many movies where the hitchhiker ends up in dire straits, it's killed the romanitisism of hitchiking for me.

The last backpacking trip had me spooked into thinking that something/someone was at every turn in the trail. Ended up not being as relaxing as I had anticipated it to be.

M. D. Butler said...

That is like buckets full of awesome!!

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