Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A window into my developing brain

I was digging through some boxes in an obsessed blitz to get rid of all the crap I’ve accumulated over the years when I came across a trove of old drawing pads. I’ll share some of their contents without further ado, for they represent a nostalgic progression of my youthful evolution. Click for a close up.

This is Whirlwind. I created him when I was 13 years old. My reflexive analysis is that he represents apparently what I wanted at 13: power, muscles, and sharp fingernails. He’s also a clear rip off of an Image Comics character that I was reading at the time.
Fast forward later that year, and you’ll find my aspirations on steroids. (Yes, that is a bloody heart in his hand) I can’t remember if I named him or not, so I’ll just call him “Asshole” for now.
Four years later, I had evidently not grown.
By 18, I had left superheroes and monsters behind for my cult leader Maynard James Keenan of the band Tool . . .
 . . . and the talentless goddess Shirley Manson of the band ironically called Garbage.
This is my father. We bore a striking resemblance when we were 19.
At 22, I took my first and last art class. It was okay, I guess. I learned a couple cool techniques, like covering paper with charcoal and drawing with an eraser. Never thought of that before.
This last one was drawn with a stump of charcoal. I had never sketched anything without using a single line before. Never thought of that before either.

I'm sure you noticed they're all in pencil or charcoal. I don't remember owning a single set of Crayons as a kid and as a result, I never learned to use color. I also wanted to learn the piano but that was even more expensive than Crayons. Goddamned limiting properties of money. Anyway, I've tried paints, and color pencils, and Crayons. Still working on those skills. I'm sure you also noticed that most of them are unfinished. I can't explain that one, but to this day, I still leave a lot of my artwork unfinished. It's a special occasion when I'm finished and completely satisfied with one.

I have stacks of other drawings and even some from when I was in elementary school but I can’t find them. Those are cool. It’s interesting to see how your mind interpreted your environment when you were still half-wild and without concern. Oh, Life, how you’ve changed us all.


Chindiana said...

Two things Carlos,

1. Great stuff especially to see the progression of your evident talent. About Asshole Man, is that a huge ass ninja throwing star strapped to his back? if it is does he throw himself at people or uses it as an uncomfortable glider? sorry this are inane questions, I am in the middle of an 80 page legal document and need some sort of reprieve.

2. More importantly your last few posts are missing the regular cynically playful tone. I hope this reflective phase lasts as long as it takes Asshole Man to 'glide' from the top of a 2 story building with his steel throwing star cape.

Julie Buz. said...

I am absolutely creeped out by the third drawing, and also by the Shirley Manson picture (the sharp shadows makes it look almost like a photograph taken in sharp sunlight - which is eerie considering it's a drawing). I probably couldn't look at them for hours, but it's a valuable insight into your brain, as you say. :o)

As to crayons and coloured pencils, when I was little, I promised myself that, when grown up, I will ALWAYS have white paper and coloured pencils in my house, in case anybody comes over and wants to draw. I made the promise at my parents' (childless) friends' house, where there was no plain white paper - just lined notebooks - and perhaps two coloured pens - red and green - and where I was bored alone without the possibility even to engage in one of my favourite childhood pastimes - drawing.

So, should you ever care to come over, I have plenty of coloured pencils and markers, and stacks of plain white paper, and I make delightful hot chocolate, too. :o)

C. Andres Alderete said...

Chindiana, I had never thought of Asshole Man's shield as a massive throwing star, but considering the fact that I had several throwing stars as a kid, that must be it. Think of it as a more lethal Captain America projectile. As for the absence of grumbling, I haven't been watching the news as much lately which probably explains my less cynical postings. I'll work on it.

Funny you should call Shirley Manson creepy, Julie. I went to a Garbage concert once and was mesmerized by how huge and bulging her eyes really are. It was, indeed, creepy. Also, coloring in Prague would be awesome but considering that civilization as we know it is going to end relatively soon (I learned a few things this past week), I might not make it out there in time.

Heather said...

Wow those were really good!

Goddamned limiting properties of money. It is such a shame to be so limited. Just the thought of what we could have been with money is endless...

Bash said...

Nice work man!

carma said...

this is fantastic!! you are very skilled -- Shirley Manson's lips are divine :) I could go on but it's probably best to end this gush-fest before you become cocky :D

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