Saturday, October 16, 2010

Belated ACL post

I've been meaning to write about the ACL Festival last weekend and since I’m experiencing a complete writer’s block with another project, here we go.

ACL reflections (I spent a long time linking these songs so listen to them or I will wish ill upon you):

1) I missed The Mountain Goats because I didn’t get out of work early enough.
2) The Black Keys, who are awesome, were not awesome live.
3) A combination of the mild heat and the 16OZ can of Austin’s own Green Leaf tea sloshing around in my stomach made me sick and I left after two hours so I wouldn’t be someone’s memory of a vomiting festival goer.

1) I arrived in time for Pete Yorn, who was amazingly unexceptional, so I cut his crowded set in half and visited Bear in Heaven. They were a band to see, and I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time at Yorn’s show. Pete Yorn is the Dane Cook of music and if you know Pete Yorn and Dane Cook but still don’t know what I’m talking about, I would like for you to identify yourself. But Bear in Heaven. Underappreciated. Awesome.
2) The Dough Rollers held my attention after The Gaslight Anthem could not. The Dough Rollers are a foot-stomping, old-timey, blues-roaring duo. Quite impressive. I found out the next day that the lead singer is none other than Harrison “Han Solo” Ford’s son.
3) After a few false starts, I settled at a three-drum set group called Beats Antique. Very talented, these kids. They even gimmicked a belly dancer for some of their songs. On top of her being brow-perspiringly desirable, her moves were original and not primarily, or secondarily for that matter, belly dancing. There was mechanical rigidity to her movement that I don’t know how to categorize. Anyway, I love her.
4) While tip-toeing over crossed legs and intimately brushing past sweaty men and women in bikinis, a man called out, “Hey, Crabby!” Naturally, I turned. He was an old man in a collapsible chair beside an equally old woman. “You can’t walk past here unless you have a smile on your face.” I laughed and continued on. I wasn’t mad. I wasn’t bothered by anything, in fact. I just scowl.
5) I lost a solid hour catching up with friends I hadn’t seen for a while but ended up at LCD Sound System. For a bunch of middle aged unsexy musicians, they had a packed . . . field and their show was engaging and fun. I was, of course, drunk by then so I’m perhaps not the most reliable source.
6) Muse. Ah Muse, how I don’t understand your appeal. They were the Saturday headliner and people were going completely ape shit over them. They put on an aesthetically pleasing performance, but I’m apparently the only person in Austin who thinks their music is boring and unoriginal.

1) The Constellations were my Sunday highlight. I chanced upon them and took them first to be clowns by their ridiculous hip. But if they must be clowns, let them be clowns of cool. The link is the best sound I could find but trust me when I say that the two women are stifled on record 'cause live, they held the band together.
2) Sunburns. Sore neck. Aching back. Dusty feet. $7 beer. $5 Torchy’s taco.
3) Let me first say, lastly, that I love The Flaming Lips. I love The Flaming Lips. But they spent more time on their presentation than did playing music. Yeah, if you’re a rock star, you can make your audience meow like a cat but that doesn’t make it right. The looping video of a nude woman dancing was, perversion aside, very interesting and kept the slow moments dynamic, but I found The Lips’ reluctance to perform to be arrogant. They redeemed themselves by ending the show with one of my favorite songs ever written, “Do You Realize??” and thus concluding my time at ACL, for I couldn’t think of anything more exhausting than staying for two hours of soft rocking Eagles.
3.1) Flat tire upon returning to my car. Air compressor. A rush home.
3.2) I witness a three-car collision and heroically stop to check on everyone. Flashing police and ambulances. People shouting in Vietnamese. Cops shouting in English. I go home and sleep. Strange and unusual weekend.

End ACL.


justwannasay said...

thetiredone...what an appropriate name! Sorry, but you really do sound tired.
You took your time to comment on your ACL experience, & after reading it, I'm thinking you should've just skipped it. Can't recall anyone who ever sounded like they enjoyed ACL, or any other Music Festival less!

Right off...Pete Yorn was amazingly EXCEPTIONAL. He looked and sounded great, and was really happy to be there! You were obviously in the minority in your opinion, cause the crowd was HUGE, till the very end! He played the whole hour, getting in 12 wonderful songs!

He was the Highlight of my Saturday there, although Kinky was Great Fun, as well.

C. Andres Alderete said...

Thank you, justwannasay. I respectfully disagree. I had a great time at ACL but Pete Yorn is a bore.

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

Some of our mouths just turn down at the corners naturally. Our choices are either to be treated as though we are grouches all the time, or to walk around with giant fake smiles and look like falsely grinning idiots all the time. I like to change it up. I'm blonde, so if I smile a lot, people think I'm stupid. If I don't, they think I'm a bitch. Sometimes I opt for bitch.

JennAventures said...

I think everyone has that picture of the bedazzled guitar.

This is the first year in three years I didn't make it to ACL-and now I find out that next year its being rescheduled for the desert sunstroke time of year. Bah. This post made me miss it even more.

Though I was in Austin THIS weekend apartment hunting, I ate Torchy's Tacoes. They were yummy.

Chindiana said...

I don't know Pete Yorn or Dane Cook and if you were to put all these names in a row, to me it could mean anything from a secret coded intergalactic alien attack order or a drunk Malaysian's attempt at Scrabble. So um yeah,.... I am identifying myself good sir.

Bash said...

I agree with your assessment of Muse and Yawn or Yorn... I disagree with Flaming Lips... Please listen:

I also protest, you're "losing a solid hour catching up with friends you hadn't seen in a while." I see it as "gaining an hour of introspection and reflection and nonsense." Also the fact my name wasn't mentioned I protest. What else can I protest? Hmmm, no mention of Roger... I protest on his behalf.

Heather said...

I must really be out of the music life, the only name I recognized was the Eagles (whom I LOVE).

Glad you had a good time and got to hear good and bad music.

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