Saturday, October 2, 2010

Collapse, watch it.

This post is dedicated to Chindiana Trails for expressing disapproval toward my recent optimistically-toned writings.

Last week, I watched an interview/documentary called Collapse and have been reflecting over it ever since. Unlike so many well-watched deliveries in the past, the Netflix envelope containing the DVD was crisp and new. And as evidence to its limited exposure, the disc had been sitting unwatched in front of my TV for weeks. You see, I’ve been avoiding local and national news lately because I actually feel my face swell with anger and frustration and it’s quite the uncomfortable bloat. As a simple solution, I’ve taken the advice I received from a ride to Big Bend: “Man, change the channel.” And I have, and I feel better. Collapse arrived from my queue before I could bump it and I couldn’t bring myself to send it back without watching it, so I did.

The documentary is about the total collapse of civilization as we know it with the running out of oil as the single catalyst. The man behind the theory is a guy named Michael Ruppert. I spent half the movie dismissing him as an arrogant crazy person and the other half struggling to counter his position. Essentially, oil is in everything: plastics, paint, even food. It is responsible for generating energy for our entire way of life and we are unarguably running out of it. The guy’s evenly apocalyptic the entire interview, which can be a little tiring but he seems to transcend blue, red, even green politics, and I appreciate his dumping politicians into the same bastard theater.

Anyway, if you don’t watch it, at least check out the 2-minute trailer. I promise your face won’t swell with anger or frustration. . .or don’t watch it, but when the shit hits the fan, don’t bother trying to join the marauding clan I will have assembled because we will eat you. Better, Mr. Trails?


Heather said...

sounds like something the hubby would watch. Me..I'm more the shy away from the crazies, cause I got enough crazy going on.

JennAventures said...

I've been enjoying the blaze of optimism...

Yeah, I really hope society doesn't collapse-I'm hoping that the science wizzes will come up with a nifty replacement.

f8hasit said...

I'm still looking for that island.
It'll still have a dock for a sailboat.
It won't need oil.

Hopefully I won't have to be a cannibal with the collapse of civilization happens. Maybe I'll stock the island pantry with that pink goo that is so called chicken protein that they then color and flavor to resemble chicken they use for Chicken McNuggets. That shit should last a long f**king time. At least until the oil starts to flow again.

Chindiana said...

I'm still blushing from a post dedicated to me Carlos! Even if its about a 'pulverizing' film on the collapse of our fast food, sheep mentality civilization. Thank you sir.

Funnily enough we might get a small preview when the sultanate of Brunei, once one of the largest producers of oil in the world and its sole source of income runs out of oil in 15 years time. The country seems like a dying nation with the growth rate almost stagnant for the past 30 years. Maybe because alcohol is banned over there...

By the way you HAVE received my application for your Marauding Clan haven't you? I still haven't received my secret decoder ring yet. Dont want you chomping on my foot in case I bump into you in Austin when the shit hits the fan.

C. Andres Alderete said...

Hmmm, I'll keep an eye on Brunei for survival strategies then, Chindiana. Also, you're going to head the Malaysian chapter of my band of road warriors.

Dreamfarm Girl said...

round here we cheerfully call the impending doom "the great correction." it's coming, sooner or later, i'm pretty sure. personally, i think major environmental crises will play a starring role. i'm surprised i haven't seen this movie, but i guess i'd better add it to the top of the queue and get the popcorn ready.

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